Glenn Engstrand

If you are interested in developing microservices in Java and are wondering which framework to use, then the following article may be relevant for you. I recently evaluated Pivotal Software's Spring Framework by using it to code a heterogeneous datasource microservice. A little over two years ago, I coded the same microservice in Dropwizard which is Spring Boot's closest competitor. I have a test lab where I put each microservice under load then capture and analyze the performance results. The article below is where I have documented my findings.

All of this is open source. Here is where you can find the code.

feed 3

The Dropwizard version of the microservice.

feed 8

The Spring Boot version of the microservice.

Dropwizard Swagger Templates

The Swagger templates used to start feed 3.

Spring Boot Swagger Templates

The Swagger templates used to start feed 8.


How to spin up the test lab in Kubernetes.


The Kong replacement written in Golang.

Spring Boot vs Dropwizard

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