Glenn Engstrand

What technology stack should you use for developing high performance applications using server-side scripting in 2019? In this introductory blog and accompanying article, I compare and contrast two competing stacks, Express and JavaScript with Apollo and TypeScript. I also cover two competing API design styles, REST and GraphQL. If you are considering a change in writing your next Node microservice or if you are just curious about the relative merits of these architectures, then read on.

According to the past three years of the Stack Overflow developer survey, Node.js is the most popular web server framework. Many high profile companies use it including Netflix, Uber, Paypal, and Linked In. It is the best choice for developing applications in server-side JavaScript. There is a wide variety of open source tooling and components designed to accelerate development of Node microservices. Larger companies have started to develop Node applications using Microsoft's TypeScript programming language. Express is a very popular framework for writing RESTful microservices in Node. Apollo is starting to pick up traction for writing microservices in Node using GraphQL.

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GraphQL vs REST

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