Glenn Engstrand

You've heard of the 4 P's of Marketing (product, price, promotion, placement). Here are the 3 P's of Enterprise Collaboration. If you are considering introducing social media to your company, then make sure that you cover your bases with each of these P's before deploying in order to avoid abandonment.

Purpose: people are purpose driven. Without a clearly articulated reason why they should participate, they won't come back no matter how easy or intuitive it is to use. Make sure that your solution delivers, in as simple and concrete terms as possible, the value proposition with every touch point.

People: the whole point to social media is to leverage people's needs to be social so what good is it when there isn't a safe climate of mutual respect in the community? Don't release without a healthy community management component in place. A good community manager exerts a subtle guiding hand to keeping the discussion aligned with the purpose without being perceived as too authoritarian or draconian.

Product: workflow, touch points, and Information Architecture all need to coalesce into a synergistic whole that supports both people and purpose. Don't risk including features that are not strategically aligned with the purpose as it dilutes the identity of the community.

Purpose, people, and product are intertwined which is why it is smarter to deploy with a limited and focused vertical integration of horizontal collaboration components,  framework, and platform that specifically targets the market segment being served.