Glenn Engstrand

We all know that, in the world of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services is the leader by far. Network intelligence group, Synergy Research, recently released a report revealing that cloud vendors Microsoft, IBM, and Google had increased their market share by 5% (combined). I thought that perhaps it was time to see if there really are any viable alternatives to AWS in 2017.

I decided to conduct an experiment. I ran my already developed news feed micro-service load test on the top three cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, and Azure) then compared them in terms of User eXperience, price, and performance.

The news feed load test consists of running the DropWizard version of the micro-service and all of its dependent services (Cassandra, Redis, Kafka, Elastic Search) on 6 CentOS instances and a MySql instance. I run the load test application for at least a couple of hours and collect performance data in Elastic Search via my news-feed-performance application.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Comparing throughput and price when running the same micro-service on Amazon, Google Cloud, and Windows Azure Cloud Vendors Compared[/caption]

Cloud computing is now a $246B industry and not everyone may agree with these findings. I should clearly state that this blog, and the research behind it, was carried out by myself acting alone without any aid or support by anyone else. I represent only myself in these activities. The views expressed here are mine and do not represent the views of any of my employers past or present.

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