Glenn Engstrand

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Glenn has focused his twenty plus year professional career growing Independent Software Vendors by maturing their Software Development Life Cycle processes and by fostering personal and professional growth in their development staffs. Glenn has delivered software architectures for scalable, enterprise grade systems in Java, .NET, LAMP, and Windows DNA.

3 Ways to Customize Solr 4

Lucene/Solr is a full featured search engine and it is rare to need to extend its search capabilities. If you do find yourself needing something not available in vanilla Solr, then functions, request handlers, and search components are three basic ways to extend Solr with your own custom Java code to handle special search requirements.

Ten things I learned while writing a Model Driven Software Development system for Google Closure

If you are considering the development of a MDSD system, then avoid making some costly mistakes by learning these ten lessons that I learned when I wrote a MDSD system that generates web 2.0 apps based on Google Closure and XMPP. If you can keep it simple, keep it useful, provide an editor, provide importers, generate clean code, automate the entire build process, and decouple both GUI and data store, then you’ll have a really cool tool.

Code Roller RIP

I started a software product and project management web based tool back in 2008. Called Code Roller, this solution allowed teams to manage multi-release software projects throughout the full life cycle of software development. This project has run its course and will be closing this August. Here is the story of Code Roller; the good,…