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MySql vs PostGreSql vs Docker

In my last blog, I compared two functionally identical micro-services, one written in Scala and the other in Clojure, in terms of performance under load in AWS. In this blog, I compare the performance of the Scala micro-service under load in AWS running with MySql, running with PostGreSql, and running both with and without Docker.…

Micro-Services: Clojure vs Scala

In a previous post, I compared Scala and Clojure when it came to processing big data. In this post, I am comparing Scala and Clojure in the world of micro-services. Earlier, I had written a rudimentary news feed service in Clojure. Recently, I re-implemented the same news feed service in Scala. Given the same task,…

3 Ways to Customize Solr 4

Lucene/Solr is a full featured search engine and it is rare to need to extend its search capabilities. If you do find yourself needing something not available in vanilla Solr, then functions, request handlers, and search components are three basic ways to extend Solr with your own custom Java code to handle special search requirements.